CHUCK BETTIS current progects

-Chatter Blip
(Dafna Naphtali - vocals & electronics/Chuck Bettis - electronics & vocals)

(Mick Barr - guitar/ Chuck Bettis - throat + electronics

-Mudang Rouge
(Evan Rapport-sax, Jerry Lim-kayagum & guitar, Chuck Bettis-electronics & throat)

(Mike Pride-drums, Charlie Looker-guitar, Darius Jones-sax,Chuck Bettis-throat + electronics)

-Pet Bottle Ningen
(Nonoko Yoshida-sax/Dave Scanlon-guitar/Dave Miller-drums/Chuck Bettis- electronics + throat)

-Red Triangle
(James Ilgenfritz - double bass, Nonoko Yoshida - sax, Chuck Bettis - electronics)

-Silver Process
(Joe Merolla - cello, Chuck Bettis - electronics, + constant rotation of special guests)


past progects:

-All Scars
(Amy Domingues-cello, keyboards /Jerry Busher-drums, percussion, electronics / Chuck Bettis-vocals, electronics, trumpet, etc.../Brendan Canty - guitar/James Canty - guitar, keyboard/Dug Birdzell - bass)

-Brown Wing Overdrive
(Chuck Bettis-electronics + throat/Mikey IQ Jones- electronics, objects, percussion, vocals/Derek Morton - synthesizers, fources, banjo, gibberish)

-Devastation Duo
(Chuck Bettis-laptop & voice/ Carlos Giffoni-laptop)

(Catherine Pancake-drums / Tom Boram-synth & electronics/Bob Wagner-drums & electronics/Chuck Bettis-laptop & vocals)

-Hell Hoarse
(Chuck Bettis - electronics/ Brendan Murray - electronics + guitar)

(Chuck Bettis - electronics / Luke Calzonetti - electronics)

-Measles Mumps Rubella
( Robert Austin-bass/Mark Robeleski-guitar/Ryan Hicks-drums/Chuck Bettis-vocals & trumpet)
***** "Fantastic Success" marks debut recording w/ MMR. ********

-the Meta-matics
(w/ Franke Vogl-bass/ Malcolm McDuffie-drums/Aaron Brenner-guitar/Chuck Bettis-vocals)

-Pretty Clicks
(Berangere Maximin - electronics / Chuck Bettis - electronics)

(Toshio Kajiwara - electronics & vocals/ Barry Weisblat-circuit bent bass/ Jerry Lim-guitar & percussion/ Chuck Bettis-laptop & vocals)

(Jen Barnhard - vocals/Jerry Lim - guitar/Chuck Bettis - bass/Josh Blair - Drums)

-Trance And The Arcade
(Chuck Bettis-sound/Jorge Castro a.k.a. Fisternni-visuals)

(w/ Josh Blair-drums/ Jerry Lim-guitar/Chuck Bettis-bass)



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