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CHUCK BETTIS recordings
(listed alphabetically by bandname):

All Scars
"Stretching Jupiter"
Dot Line Circle 004 (japan) CD 2002 *OUT OF PRINT! download
All Scars "Lunar Magus" Mass Particles 009/
Dischord 131.5(usa) CD 2001 download
All Scars "Introduction To Humanity" Slowdime 25(usa) LP/CD 1999 download
All Scars "s/t"
Ace Fu 003 (usa) 7" 1998 *OUT OF PRINT! download
All Scars "Early Ambient" Slowdime 5/Dischord 118.5(usa) LP/CD 1997 download
(Chuck Bettis-trumpet, vocals, & electronics/ Jerry Busher-drums & electronic/, Amy Domingues-cello & keyboard /Dug Birdzell-bass /James Canty-guitar/bass, Brendan Canty-guitar/ Evan Rapport-reeds/ Amy Farina-vocals)

Big Blood & Thunder Crutch "s/t" Don't Trust The Ruin (usa) CDR/Cassette/ download 2018
**CDR edition from 2017 was a special limited edition, printed only for my Stone residency that year.
(Big Blood: Colleen Kinsella - voice, piano, harmonium, drums / Caleb Mulkerin -voice, bass, oscillators, MS-20, tape loops/ Quinnisa Rose- voice & trombone/ Thunder Crutch: Chuck Bettis- electronics & vocals/ Yuko Tonohira - voice)

Brandon Seabrook's Die Trommel Fatale "s/t" New Atlantis 050 (usa) CD/Download 2017
(Brandon Seabrook - guitar & compositions/ Chuck Bettis-electronics + throat/ Marika Hughes - cello /Eivind Ospvik - bass /Dave Treut & Sam Ospovat - drums)

Brandon Seabrook's Epic Proportions "brutalovechamp" Pryoclastic Records 27 (usa) CD/download 2023
(Brandon Seabrook - guitar, mandolin, banjo & compositions /Nava Dunkelman-percussion, glockenspiel, voice/ Marika Hughes - cello/ Eivind Ospvik -contra bass/ Henry Fraser - Contra bass/Chuck Bettis-electronics, voice/ John McCowen-contrabass clarinet, Bb clarinet, alto & bass recorder/ Sam Ospovat - drum set, chromatic Thai nipple gongs, vibraphone, concert chimes)

Brown Wing Overdrive "True Deceivers" self-release download 2014
Brown Wing Overdrive + (((10))) "Zombie Allergy"self-release download 2012
Brown Wing Overdrive "L Phantasm" Kavekavity 004 (usa) CD 2010 *OUT OF PRINT!
Brown Wing Overdrive "ESP Organism" Tzadik 7410 (usa) CD 2008
Brown Wing Overdrive "We Have Issues: live @ Issue Project Room " Living Myth 001 (usa) CD 2007 *OUT OF PRINT! download
(Chuck Bettis- electronics & vocals/ Mikey IQ Jones - electronics, objects, & vocals/ Derek Morton - electronics & banjo)

Chatter Blip "Microcosmopolitan" Contour Editions 32 (usa) download 2020
Chatter Blip "Chatter Blip" Acheulian Handaxe 0805 (usa) CD/download
(Dafna Naphtali - vocals & electronics/ Chuck Bettis-electronics + throat)

Chuck Bettis "Blood Activation 2: The Human Shadow" Living Myth download 2023
Chuck Bettis "Motion Parallax 2: The Age of Grey" Living Myth download 2022
Chuck Bettis
"Static Variations" Living Myth download 2022
Chuck Bettis
"The Journey Beneath" Living Myth download 2021
Chuck Bettis
"Blood Activation" Living Myth download 2021
Chuck Bettis
"Arc of Enlightenment" Living Myth download 2020
Chuck Bettis
"Motion Parallax" Living Myth 005 cassette/download 2020
Chuck Bettis
"Plays the Organ Within" Living Myth download 2019
Chuck Bettis
"Midnight Equations" Living Myth download 2019
Chuck Bettis
"A Kind of Pain OST" Living Myth download 2019
Chuck Bettis
"Anxious Time of the Dying Sun" Living Myth download 2019
Chuck Bettis
"Extinctions" Living Myth download 2019
Chuck Bettis
"Knuckle Dragger" Living Myth download 2019
Chuck Bettis
"Mother Nile, Take Me With You; the fantastical world of Naoko Fukuyama OST" Living Myth download 2018
Chuck Bettis
"11 Mirrors" Living Myth download 2016
Chuck Bettis
"Teardrop Hunter" Living Myth download 2016
Chuck Bettis
"Pixel Bleed" Living Myth 004 CD/download 2015
Chuck Bettis
"S.A.N.S. OST" Living Myth download 2014
Chuck Bettis "Pan OST" Living Myth download 2014
Chuck Bettis
"Urgency Renewal" Don't Trust The Ruin 29 (usa) CDR 2011*OUT OF PRINT! download
Chuck Bettis "Arctic Oscillations" Contour Editions 0004 (usa) download 2010
Chuck Bettis & Carlos Giffoni's Devastation Duo
"And The Demon Smiles" Audiobot (belgium) CD *OUT OF PRINT! download
Chuck Bettis & Friends "Community Of Commotion" North East Indie 36(usa) CD/download 2004
* w/
Ikue Mori, Toshio Kajiwara, Jerry Lim, Audrey Chen, Tom Boram, Caleb Mulkerin, Colleen Kinsella, Mick Barr, Melissa Ip, Chriss Sutherland, Aaron Brenner, & Tim Barnes
Chuck Bettis "Sonic Sigils" Scarcelight (usa) 3" CD/ download 2003

Heresee (usa) CD 2003 *OUT OF PRINT! download
(Chuck Bettis-computer electronics/ Catherine Pancake-drums & hydraphone/ Bob Wagner-drums/ Tom Boram-synth)

Franke Vogl & Chuck Bettis "Balance Between Dimensions" sudamerica electronica 055 (argentina) download 2019
Franke Vogl & Chuck Bettis
"Bobo Fossils" Earth2Ether 03 cassette/download 2017
Franke Vogl & Chuck Bettis
"Economy Of Gestures" Living Myth download 2015
(Franke Vogl - prepared bass /Chuck Bettis- electronics)

Hans Tammen's Dark Modular Orchestra "s/t" Gold Bolus Recordings download 2017
(Hans Tammen - conduction, Chuck Bettis, Chris Penalosa, Laura Feathers, Mike Bazini, Nick Berry, Matthew Gantt, Sofy Yuditskaya, Greg Neeld, Lorenz Fish- electronics/ David Keay-drums)

Hell Hoarse"Cold Planet" Living Myth 003 (usa) CD /download 2012
Hell Hoarse"Skull Puddle" Living Myth 002/Uppercase 006 (usa)
CD 2010 *OUT OF PRINT! download
(Chuck Bettis-electronics/ Brendan Murray - electronics)

Jad Atoui & Chuck Bettis "Live at The Stone 6/6/18" download 2019
Jad Atoui & Chuck Bettis"Quasars & Moonbeams" Living Myth download 2019
Jad Atoui & Chuck Bettis
"Obscured Origins" Living Myth download 2018

(Jad Atoui - modular synth / Chuck Bettis- semi-modular synths)

Jerry Lim & Chuck Bettis "Sleepwalk Artifact" Living Myth download 2024
Jerry Lim & Chuck Bettis "Controlled Opossition" Living Myth download 2024
(Jerry Lim - guitar & electronics/ Chuck Bettis -electronics)

Koko & Chuck Bettis "Au coeur des monts" Living Myth download 2019

(Koko - vocals / Chuck Bettis - self-built drum machines)

Lullaby of Obliteration "Dialogue Catastrophe" download 2019
Lullaby of Obliteration
"One point of view is mental prison" download 2019
(Velladon - electronics, piano, violin/ Chuck Bettis -electronics)

Measles Mumps Rubella "Dynamic Disasters" self-release download 2007
( remixes by Ad Rock, Robert Austin, MemoryBoy & JHNTNK ,Jonathan Kreilnk)
Measles Mumps Rubella
"Fantastic Success"
Doubling Cube (usa) CD 2006 download
(Chuck Bettis-vocals & trumpet/ Robert Austin-bass/ Mark Robeleski-guitar/Ryan Hicks-drums)

The Meta-matics "complete discography" Troubleman Unlimited (usa) CD 2005 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*cd has extra tracks from 7" split with Make*Up, compilation tracks and found recordings
The Meta-matics "s/t" Slowdime 1/Dischord 105.5 (usa) LP 1995*OUT OF PRINT!
(Chuck Bettis-vocals/Aaron Brenner-guitar/ Franke Vogl-bass/Malcolm McDuffie-drums/special guest Gabe Andruzzi-sax)
The Meta-matics/Make*Up "Abscence of Rhythym"/"Gospel Yeah Yeah" Black Gemini (usa) 7" 1995*OUT OF PRINT!

Mob Action - "s/t" Living Myth download 1993
( Dree Thibert - bass/ vocals, Gabe Andruzzi-guitar, vocals/Chuck Bettis-guitar, vocals/ Malcolm McDuffie-drums)

Mossenek"Paranoia Plague Shrine 2" self-release download 2016
"Paranoia Plague Shirine 1" self -release download 2016
Mossenek "Inhuname To Each Other" self-release download 2014
Mossenek "Old Yelling EP" self-release download 2014
Mossenek "Precarious Summoning" self-release CDR *OUT OF PRINT! download 2014
"Divine Indiference" self-release download 2014
"Bithcivserberous" self-release download 2014
"Mothen" American Tapes 987 (usa) 7" 2014
Mossenek "Old Detention" self-release download 2014
Mossenek "Sublingual Glossectum" Rock Is Hell (austria) tape / download 2012
(Mick Barr - guitar/ Chuck Bettis - throat + electronics/ Colin Marston - bass, electronics on Paranoia Plague Shrine)

Mudang Rouge- "Fantasy Horizon" Don't Trust The Ruin 36 (usa) CDR *OUT OF PRINT download 2012
(Chuck Bettis - electronics, throat, mukkuri/ Jerry Lim - kayagum, electronic & acoustic guitars, danso/ Evan Rapport - alto & soprano saxophones, recorder, harmonica /special guest Josh Blair - drums)

Overishins "s/t" Xenoglossy Productions (italy) / Hathener (usa) CD/download 2017
(Mick Barr - guitar & 12-string banjo/Chuck Bettis - throat + electronics/ Johnny DeBlase - e.bass, contrabass & electronics/ Mike Pride - drums & percussion / special guest Colin Marston - whammy guitar

Period "2" Public Eyesore 129 (usa) CD 2014
(Mike Pride - drums/ Charlie Looker - guitar/ Chuck Bettis - throat & electronics/ Darius Jones - sax/ Sam Hilmer - sax)

Pet Bottle Ningen "Japan Tour 2014" (japan) CDR *OUT OF PRINT download 2014
(Nonoko Yoshida -sax/Dave Scanlon - guitar/ Dave Miller - drums/Chuck Bettis - electronics + throat)

Pretty Clicks "Live On WFMU - Feb 2011" (france) download 2011
Pretty Clicks
"Live In NYC, March 2011" (france) download 2011
(Berangere Maximin - computer/Chuck Bettis-computer)

Ryoko Ono & Chuck Bettis
"New Duo Series 012" (japan) download 2019
(Ryoko Ono -Alto sax /Chuck Bettis - electronics)

"practice tapes" Living Myth
download 1992
( Jen Barnhard - vocals/ Jerry Lim - guitar/Chuck Bettis-bass/Josh Blair - drums)

Snake Union w/ Jessica Pavone & Rachelle Rahme"To Whom I've Never Met and Only Imagined" Rat Route 010 Cassette/download 2021
Snake Union
"Live At Roulette" download 2020
Snake Union w/ Hisham Akira Bharoocha/Bonnie Jones/Matthew Regula/Heejin Jang
"Three Arrows" Rat Route 009 (usa) Cassette/download 2020
Snake Union
"Terminal Array" Rat Route 007 (usa) Cassette/download 2018
Snake Union
"Danger's Rainbow" Birdfriend 034 (japan) Cassette *OUT OF PRINT download 2017
Snake Union
"The Role of Revulsion" Rat Route 005 (usa) Cassette/download 2017

Snake Union "Specimens" Rat Route 003 (usa) Cassette *OUT OF PRINT download 2015
(Dave Grant - modular synth/ Chuck Bettis - electronics)

Trance And The Arcade
"Oven Tiger" 
Mass Particles/Manipulatto (usa/argentina) DVD 2002 *OUT OF PRINT!
(Chuck Bettis-sound, Jorge Castro aka Fisternni-visual)
Trance And The Arcade "tmusss" Troubleman Unlimited 0051
(usa) 7" *OUT OF PRINT! download
Trance And The Arcade "Bender Sphinx"
Alienation (japan) CD *OUT OF PRINT! download
Trance And The Arcade "Theatre Of Cruelty" submass 2 (usa) download 2000
*submass was the download division of Mass Particles
Trance And The Arcade "Survival In Infinity" Mass Particles 007 (usa) CD/ download 2000
guest Mick Barr-guitar)
Trance And The Arcade "Harmonic Architecture" Mass Particles 004 (usa) CD/download 1998
Trance And The Arcade/Earth City "s/t" Mass Particles 001 (usa)
7" 1997

WWIII "s/t"Dogg N' Pony (usa) CD/download 2005
(Chuck Bettis-bass & rhodes piano/ Josh Blair-drums & electronics/Jerry Lim-guitar)

YoshimiO & Chuck Bettis "Live at the Stone" Living Myth download 2020
(YoshimiO - drums, vocals & electronics/Chuck Bettis - electronics & throat)


"Allegorical Power Series Vol. VII"
2003 download
*trio with Anna Ghallo, Ryan Smith, Chuck Bettis
"Allied Radio Recordings comp" Allied Radio Recordings (usa) CD *OUT OF PRINT! download
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
"Atomic Bomb Compilation Vol. 7" 2019 (japan) download
*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Chants Beneath" 2015 download
*appears as Chuck Bettis

"Chicken Bomb" Lumpen Magazine (usa) CD 1996 *OUT OF PRINT!
*w/ the Meta-matics (track appears on the Meta-matics "complete discography")
"Collaborations" CD Collective Jyrk / Decomposition (usa) CD 2005 *OUT OF PRINT!
* w/ Carly Ptak, Yellow Swans, Eva Inca Core, Jerry Lim & Sharon Cheslow

"DB Sides" Planaria (usa) CD 2003
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
"Less Self Is More Self: benefit for Tarantula Hill"
Ecstatic Peace (usa) CD 2006
*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Minimum Tape Stacks Vol. 1" (usa) Cassette 1997 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
"Minimum Tape Stacks Vol. 2" (usa) Cassette 1997 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
Troubleman Unlimited (usa) CD 2001 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*w/ All Scars
"Momentum Uninterrupted" various artist remix Heejin Jang (Korea) CD/Download 2023
*w/ Snake Union
"The Philadelphia Embassy of Elgaland-Vargaland"
2017 download

*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Polished Turds Vol. 1" various artists remix Lucas Abela (australia) 2020 download
*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Pulgar #11 audio magazine" (mexico) CD
*appears as Chuck Bettis
"Radio CPR"
Dischord (usa) CD 2003
*appears as Trance And The Arcade
"Radio Silence: compiled by Miniature Minotaurs" WFMU (usa) pledge only CD 2012
* appears as Chuck Bettis
SocketsCDR (usa) CDR *OUT OF PRINT! download
*w/ Brown Wing Overdrive
"Space Is No Place 2"
Psych-o-path (usa) CD 2003 *OUT OF PRINT! download
* w/ Toshio Kajiwara
"Strength In Numbers" Chant Records (usa) download 2017
*appears as Snake Union Vs. Soft Circle
"Zero De Conduit"
Kathodik (italy) CD
*appears as Trance And The Arcade

guest appearances:

Hyrrokkin & Merzbow
"Faltered Pursuit" Sleeping Giant Glossolia LP/Download 2021
*plays vocals & electronics

Le Tigre
"This Island" Universal (usa)LP/CD 2004
*plays trumpet on "Sixteen"
"The Conusming Flame: Open Exercies in Group Form" Thrill Jockey 256 3CD *OUT OF PRINT! download 2020
*plays electronics on "All of the Powers Lie Quiet"
Meltdown "The Map"
Archigramophone 004 (usa) LP 1996 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*vocals on "Gutter Up"
Nautical Almanac/Vertonen "split" C.I.P (usa) split LP 2004
*uncredited apperance
Nautical Almanac "Cisum" Heresee 013 (usa) LP 2003*OUT OF PRINT!
*plays electronics
Nautical Almanac "Rejerks Vol.1" Heresee 011(usa) CD 2002 *OUT OF PRINT! download
*plays electronics
Nautical Almanac "We Want War Tour CDR" Heresee 016 CDR 2002 *OUT OF PRINT! download

*plays electronics
Reverse Bullets "Dreampop Dysphoria" download 2020
*vocals on "It Lives", "Empire's End" and "Popkiller"

Thomas Dimuzio "Balance" Gench Music TD234 3CD/download 2020
*plays electronics "Irritable Distance (Excruciating Proximity)"


Arcana VII edited by John Zorn (Tzadik B008; usa) book 2014
The Wire issue 216 (great britian) magazine 2002


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